Before Dark

Before Dark represents a time of transition, a time of twilight when the light fades and shadows grow across the landscape. It is a time of diaphanous, fleeting images that might be half-seen or half-imagined in a dream. Twilight is a time of involution, when our thoughts are drawn inward where real and unreal become intertwined. The images represent a trip, a journey from the light into the approaching darkness, when the light is imperfect. It is a journey into a time when the hard edges of day fade, and the land becomes soft, diffuse. It is a journey into a place where the light is filtered through shadows and the land becomes more friendly and less friendly all at the same time. The images connect our subconscious to a world of the gloaming, when mysteries form as darkness falls across the landscape. Before Dark is a place where the light slowly swirls, inexorably downward, into darkness.  

Images in my Before Dark series were created with the gum bichromate printing method.